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Humanities & Education
Pedagogy (Intercultural Educational Assistant)
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Pedagogy (Intercultural Educational Assistant)

University of Pecs
Pecs, Hungary
On campus
 840 Points
3 Years

Program Description

Our graduates develop their knowledge and skills through theory and practice in adult learning and education to achieve successful careers in adult and vocational education, work-place learning, second chance education with basic skills development, coaching and counselling, community education and community development, educational policy and research, international development and special education needs.

The aim of the program is to train adult learning and education professionals, who understand that education is a process of human, cultural and social development that takes place in the family/at home, in communities, in schools and the workplace. Through this program, participants will collect valuable knowledge and quality skills to work effectively with adults either on formal or in non-formal structures or, additionally, to work in policy or providing services for adult learners at institutions or organisations of adult education at local/regional, national or international levels.

Entry Requirements

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Year 1

1st semester:

Learning-Centered Communication

Pedagogical Beliefs

Education Systems

2nd semester:

Comparative Education Sciences

Project Management

Developmental Psychology (and its Practical)

Year 2

3rd semester:

Intercultural Education

Education Policies of Minorities in Europe

Educational Psychology (and its Practical)

4th semester:

Inclusive Society and Education

Integration, Segregation and Separation in Education

Conflict Management and Emotional Intelligence

Year 3

5th semester:

Critical Thinking

Case Discussion of Special Education

Basics of Curriculum Development

6th semester:

Councelling Learners - Practical

Contemporary Arts and Education

Remembrance Education

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