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Engineering Sciences
Master in Architectural Engineering - Frederick University
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    Master in Architectural Engineering - Frederick University

    Frederick University
    On campus
    5 Years

    Program Description

    The master in Architectural Engineering educates future architects, providing them with knowledge and sensitivity to the built environment of the European and Mediterranean region and to become an outstanding academic center for studies in the wider European context.

    Entry Requirements

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    Learning Outcomes

    Education and training leading to diplomas, certificates and other evidence of formal qualifications referred to in Article 2 shall be provided through courses of studies at university level concerned principally with architecture. Such studies shall be balanced between the theoretical and practical aspects of architectural training and shall ensure the acquisition of:

    • An ability to create architectural designs that satisfy both aesthetic and technical requirements.
    • An adequate knowledge of the history and theories of architecture and the related arts, technologies and human sciences.
    • A knowledge of the fine arts as an influence on the quality of architectural design.
    • An adequate knowledge of urban design, planning and the skills involved in the planning process.
    • An understanding of the relationship between people and buildings, and between buildings and their environment, and of the need to relate buildings and the spaces between them to human needs and scale.
    • An understanding of the profession of architecture and the role of the architect in society, in particular in preparing briefs that take account of social factors.
    • An understanding of the methods of investigation and preparation of the brief for a design project.
    • An understanding of the structural design, constructional and engineering problems associated with building design.
    • An adequate knowledge of the physical problems and technologies and of the function of buildings so as to provide them with internal conditions of comfort and protection against the climate.
    • The necessary design skills to meet building users’ requirements within the constraints imposed by cost factors and building regulations.
    • An adequate knowledge of the industries, organisations, regulations and procedures involved in translating design concepts into buildings and integrating plans into overall planning.


    Year 1

    Semester 1

    English for Architects I

    Architectural Design I

    Architectural Communication Skills I

    Architectural Communication Skills II

    Architectural Technology I

    Structures in Architecture I

    Semester 2

    Architectural Design II

    Architectural Communication Skills III

    Introduction to Theory of Architecture

    Architectural Technology II

    Structures in Architecture II

    Year 2

    Semester 3

    Architectural Design III

    Digital Tools I

    History of Architecture I

    Architectural Technology III

    Structures in Architecture III

    Semester 4

    Architectural Design IV

    Digital Tools II

    History of Architecture II

    Architectural Technology IV

    Structures in Architecture IV

    Bioclimatic Architecture I

    Year 3

    Semester 5

    Architectural Design V

    Digital Tools III

    Landscape Architecture

    Art and Space

    Restorations I

    Semester 6

    Architectural Design VI

    Acoustics And Lighting

    Urbanism I

    Restorations II

    Architecture Elective

    Year 4

    Semester 7

    Integrated Studio I

    Professional Practice

    Urbanism II

    Bioclimatic Architecture ΙI

    Architecture Elective

    Semester 8

    Integrated Studio II

    Urbanism III

    Introduction To Architectural Research

    Contemporary Architectural Technology

    Free Elective

    Year 5

    Semester 9

    Diploma Project I

    Research Project

    Architecture Elective

    Free Elective

    Semester 10

    Diploma Project II

    Design Methodology

    Jobs - Careers

    • Private architectural, engineering or consulting offices
    • Governmental Services (i.e. Town Planning and Housing, Public Works, Environment, etc)
    • Secondary or Higher Education
    • Public Authorities and Bodies ( Cyprus Tourism Organisation, Land Development Organisation, etc)
    • Local Governments (Municipalities and Communities)
    • Free lance architects
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