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Economics & Finance
International Economics
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International Economics

Schiller International University Madrid
On campus
4 Years
Apply date
Sep 2024

Program Description

This Bachelor of Arts in International Economics is designed to train you in the skills needed to perform in professional positions in the private or public sector, both in companies or institutions, national and international, of economic and social relevance.

If you graduate from this program, you will have a global perspective that will be adapted to your areas of interest and professional objectives, while at the same time you will have developed the necessary skill bases to operate in a global environment.

Entry Requirements

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Required General Education Courses

Art History

European History to 1815 College Mathematics

Applied Mathematics

Introduction to International Relations

Science and Society

General Psychology

Beginning Foreign Language 1

Beginning Foreign Language 2

English Composition: Expository Writing

English: Research and Writing

Introduction to Political Science

Required Core Courses

Applications of Computers

International Marketing

Introduction to Sustainable Development

Business Communication


Behavioral Aspects

Human Resources Management

Multinational Enterprise

Principles of Microeconomics

Principles of Macroeconomics

Introduction to International Business

Principles of Marketing


Economics of Developing Countries

International Trade and Finance

Resources and the Environment

International Economic Policies & Institutions

Cross-Cultural Communication

Economic Geography

Accounting 1


Graduates of this program have a global perspective in a great variety of areas of your interest and professional objectives, while at the same time developing the necessary skills base to operate in a global environment.

You will be able to work in many areas such as:

  • International investment, finance or business consulting
  • International market analysis
  • Commercial and/or Marketing leadership
  • Tax advising

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