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Economics & Finance
Bachelor in International Economics (BSc) - Jonkoping
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Bachelor in International Economics (BSc) - Jonkoping

Jonkoping University
On campus
3 Years
Apply date
May 2024
Start date
Sep 2024

Program Description

This bachelor in International Economics (BSc) will help you understand the process of global markets. It will develop your understanding of economic theory, which allows you to analyze socio-economic problems and understand the dynamics of our fast-paced, interconnected global economy. The combination of economics and statistics gives you the skills and tools you need to solve complex problems by processing and analyzing data.

After graduating with a bachelor in International Economics (BSc), you can work with economic issues in areas such as environmental management, health, finance, regional development, and business development.

The program’s major is economics, but the bachelor in International Economics (BSc) also gives you a good knowledge of statistics and econometrics. These courses give you the skills and tools needed to process and analyze statistics which are increasingly in demand today.

The bachelor in International Economics (BSc) also includes four courses in business administration, addressing various aspects such as leadership and accounting. Together, the combination of economics, statistics, and business forms a good and broad foundation for future career choices and gives you a competitive edge when applying for jobs.

Entry Requirements

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Year 1


Introduction to Economic Thought

Basic Financial Accounting

Microeconomic Principles

Introduction to Mathematical Methods for Economic Analysis

Macroeconomic Principles

International Macroeconomics and Finance

International Trade Theory

Year 2

Intermediate Microeconomics and Mathematical Economics

Introduction to Statistical Methods

Industrial Organisation

Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory

Applied Economics

Econometrics 1

Corporate Finance 1

Econometrics 2

Year 3

Study Abroad/Elective courses/Internship + Elective courses

Geographical Economics

Organizing and Leading in a Sustainable World

Bachelor's Thesis in Economics

Jobs - Careers

  • Environmental Management
  • Health, Finance
  • Regional Development
  • Business Development
  • Data Collection
  • Market Analyses
  • Managing Financial Assets
  • Working on Economic or Strategic Issues

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