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Computer Science & IT
Computer Science
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Computer Science

Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology
On campus
 1283 Points
4 Years

Program Description

The program aims at equipping the students with the tools that are in demand on the today job market, with emphasis on the things that do not “come and go”, but are of universal importance and already stood the test of time.

While studying the up to date algorithms that you may find in a typical blog post on practical applications of machine learning, the students go beyond the surface and get the knowledge of why things work as they do. So mathematics takes as important part of the program as the algorithms.

Entry Requirements

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Semester 1

History of Russia

Russian as a Foreign Language

English I

Health Concepts & Strategies

Foundations of programming I

Basics of mathematical logic I

Number theory


Introduction to Calculus

Semester 2

Analytic geometry

Single Variable Calculus

Russian as a Foreign Language

English I

Combinatorics and Graphs I

Data structures and Algorythms I

Foundations of programming II

Semester 3

Linear Algebra

Multivariable Calculus

Russian as a Foreign Language

Combinatorics and Graphs II

Data structures and Algorithms II

Python programming

Operating system I

C++ programming practice

Semester 4

Fourier Analysis

Russian as a Foreign Language

Differential Equations

Combinatorics and Graphs III

Data structures and Algorithms III


Data bases

Operating system II

Semester 5

Functional Analysis

Ordinary Differential Equations

Russian as a Foreign Language

Functional Analysis

Probability Theory

Introduction to Optimization

Parallel and Distributed Computing I

Semester 6

Functional Analysis

Parallel and Distributed Computing II

Russian as a Foreign Language

Computability and complexity


Convex optimization

Semester 7

Russian as a Foreign Language

Machine learning I

In-dept elective

Personal Research Project

PYTHON math stat practice

Senester 8


Life safety

Information theory


In-dept elective

Pre-graduation Practice


MIPT graduates work in practically all fields that require critical thinking, problem solving and strong training in quantitative sciences.

From software development to financial analytics.

Many graduates become successful entrepreneurs, hi-tech startup founders.


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