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Global Management
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Global Management

SKEMA Business School
On campus
 1440 Points
4 Years
Apply date
Sep 2024

Program Description

Students can start their studies in Sophia Antipolis (south of France) or Lille (north France), Raleigh (USA) or Belo Horizonte (Brazil). SKEMA's Global BBA is a state-certified bachelor's degree.

From September 2022, students of the new EADA X SKEMA Global BBA double-degree programme will be able to spend the first two years on the EADA campus in Barcelona, then spend the third year at one of SKEMA's seven campuses across the world, and do their fourth year either in Barcelona or at one of SKEMA's campuses, depending on the specialisation they have chosen.

Our Global BBA allows our students to obtain a recognised double degree:

• SKEMA's Global BBA degree and (according to your study path):
1. SKEMA's American, North Carolina-state recognised bachelor's degree for those doing the International Business course on SKEMA's Raleigh campus
2. the North Carolina State University (NCSU), USA, bachelor's degree or the Western Carolina University (WCU), Cullowhee, USA, bachelor's degree.
3. the bachelor's degree from the partner university in the case of a double-diploma transfer programme
4. a Brazilian-state recognised degree for students who do the Global Business course, spending two years on SKEMA's Brazilian campus.

An assured future

These qualifications lead to direct entry into the job market, or to higher levels​ of education such as masters of science degrees. With the BBA, you will develop qualities that will stand you in​ good stead for your career. You will:
• be capable of adapting to today's and tomorrow's professional challenges
• possess all the operational skills to handle business and market requirements
• have a taste for innovation and the entrepreneurial values which will equip you to determine your future.

By studying at one of France's prestigious business schools, you will be joining an elite collection of students, researchers and professors.

The location

You will be living and working in some of the most beautiful places in the world: the French Riviera, or Lille in the north of France, as well as on one of our global campuses in Brazil (Belo Horizonte), ​China (Suzhou), the US (Raleigh) or South Africa (Stellenbosch – Cape Town).


The emphasis on a truly international experience (between six months and two years internationally) gives students an important insight into cultural differences and unfamiliar business environments, making them highly employa​ble and attractive in the future business world.

Information on tuition fees:

• Each year spent on a SKEMA campus or on exchange: €12 000
• Year spent at a partner university (2-y​ear Mobility Track): €1,500 + tuition fees of the partner university​

Entry Requirements

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Programme Overview

The degree programme is based on 240 ECTS credits shared equally among general courses, basic management, courses with an international outlook and specialised courses.

General Education​

The general courses cover the skills necessary for anyone holding a position of responsibility, whether this be supervising people or managing an activity that adds value to the firm. These courses comprise IT skills, written and verbal communication, ethics and the essentials of mathematics.

Management Fundamentals

The fundamentals of management are the core of the programme. BBA in Global Management students acquire the knowledge and skills essential to different aspects of management: accounting, general management, marketing, quality, human resources, value creation etc.

Global Skills

BBA in Global Management students have marketing courses that are specific to the international campus where they are studying (United States, China etc.); they also learn human resources from an intercultural perspective, the courses in contract law and intellectual property law are related to the location of the site where they are studied; the same is true of courses in international negotiation.

Specialisations and Electives

Students are free to choose courses from the SKEMA course catalogue or that of our partners. This means that they can acquire knowledge and skills in line with their individual career plan. Students may also enrol in a specialisation, taking a number of recommended advanced courses; these are recognised by a special mention on the diploma.

Global BBA Specialisations

Corporate Finance


Luxury Brand Management

Marine and Environmental Management

Sustainable Development & Social Responsibility

Entrepreneurship & Business Administration


E-Commerce & Digital Strategy

International Business

Global Business

Supply Chain

Engineering Science & Innovation Management

Artificial Intelligence

Reasons to choose SKEMA's BBA

  • Develop an international and multicultural profile: SKEMA is the only business school to have its own campuses in France, Brazil, China, South Africa and the USA.
  • Specialise from the first year: Build your expertise over four years of study.
  • Obtain an internationally recognised diploma: Bachelor’s degree: appreciated by recruiting companies working in international contexts.
  • The student-centred approach: An approach to learning that puts the student first.
  • Ensure your career start: 100% of graduates find employment within six months; over 70% of them in an international post
  • Personalise your path of study to suit your objectives: Flexibility, personalisation and interactivity are the pillars of SKEMA's BBA programmes.
  • Training that combines competences with know-how: At least six months of internship and professional experience are obligatory during the studies.
  • Access to expert professors: Specialised teachers who are available to students. SKEMA has 160 permanent professors.
  • An alumni network of 40 000 around the world: Increase your professional opportunities.
  • One tutor, one student: Every student is guided by a dedicated tutor over the four years


  • Job opportunities in Corporate Finance: customer service representative; financial analyst; recovery agent; financial consultant; financial controller; credit manager; portfolio manager; payroll manager; auditor, budget controller, trader, financial and administrative manager; risk analyst, audit for the Commissariat aux Comptes
  • Job opportunities in Marketing: media planner; head of merchandising; promotion manager; market study manager; marketing director; product manager; direct marketing, brand manager; brand & retail coordinator; web marketer; customer relations manager
  • Job opportunities in Luxury Brand Management: visual merchandiser, sales, retail manager, communication, marketing, PR, events manager, brand management and strategy.
  • Job opportunities in Entrepreneurship & Business Administration: Company director; start-upper.
  • Job opportunities in Global Business: export manager; purchasing manager; sales manager, department manager, sector manager; sales executive; export manager; purchasing manager; sales manager, department manager; area manager, sales representative; business manager; client manager; business analyst, entrepreneur, brand manager, sector manager.
  • Job opportunities in Supply Chain: Supply chain manager, purchasing manager, projecrt manager, quality manager, business process manager, inventory control specialist, logistics / supply chain analyst.
  • Job opportunities in Management of Marine Environments: researcher, aquaculture, marine ethology and ecology

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