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Business Management & Marketing
Business Administration and Management
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Business Administration and Management

University of Pecs
Pecs, Hungary
 460 Points
3 Years, 6 Months
Apply date
Jun 2022

Program Description

The Business Administration bachelor program is accredited by EFMD Global, a leading international organization of business schools. This provides unique recognition to all graduates. Your EFMD accredited bachelor degree is recognized all over the World, and can open doors to you to the biggest companies worldwide.

This program is designed for students who are interested in business studies and want to pursue a business career. The program is conducted in an innovative way, including not only lectures but also case studies, practical tasks and teamwork as well. The program has a sizeable number of guest lecturers from Europe and the United States.

By carefully selecting the optional modules students may acquire a better overall knowledge of a chosen fi eld such as marketing, management or fi nance. The aim of the program is not simply to teach economics, but, more importantly, to prepare students for the 21st-century challenges of the business world and the global market.

Entry Requirements

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High School Diploma (or equivalent)
English Level
TOEFL (internet based)

Age requirements:

  • The applicant must be 18 years of age or older by the day before the start of the Bachelor's program.

Information about requirements:

  • A high school diploma (baccalaureate) and a certified translation into English, which entitles the applicant to pursue higher education.
  • The language of the interviews will be English.
  • An official transcript of results document and a certified English translation thereof. The official medical certificate in English stating that the applicant has received the required vaccines and is free of communicable diseases.

Other accepted qualifications:

  • Other certificates

Other accepted English qualifications and information:

  • Cambridge: ESOL
  • TELC: B2 level
  • ECL: B2 level
  • Oxford Online Placement Test: 70 points
  • A certificate of proficiency in English if no older than 2 years, and at least a CEFR level B2, obtained at an internationally recognized (accredited) language examination institution.

More information:

  • There may be an additional application fee by this University.


Year 1

1st semester:

Quantitative methods


Information Systems

2nd semester:


Probability and Statistics

Introduction to Management

Year 2

3rd semester:

Organizational Behaviour

Corporate Finance

Introduction to Accounting

4th semester:

Inroduction to Marketing

Human Resource Management

International Economics

Year 3

5th semester:

International Business Communication

International Business

Business Case Studies

6th semester:

Operations Management

Banking and Finance

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