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Orchestral and Choral Conducting
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Orchestral and Choral Conducting

University of Pecs
Pecs, Hungary
On campus
 924 Points
3 Years

Program Description

Aim of the program: To educate musicians who - with their performing skills, theoretical knowledge, and highly developed musical abilities - enrich and spread the Hungarian and European music culture. They can enrich the repertoire of musical knowledge with their sophisticated musical taste and are able to work in musical institutions, professional performing ensembles and in other occupations which require music education.

The program enables students to combine training in choral conducting with vocal studies. It is an important part of the training to become familiar with rehearsal work. The choral conducting program includes foundation classes such as philosophy, aesthetics, art history, music history, acoustics and subjects like piano, chamber music, chamber singing as well besides conducting technique and style.

Entry Requirements

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Year 1

1st semester:


Music History

Choral Conducting

2nd semester:

Folk Music


Conducting Practice

Year 2

3rd semester:

Human and Child Studies

Compulsory Piano

School observation (Choral)

4th semester:

Developmental Psychology

Acoustics, Music Informatics

Transposing and Score Reading

Year 3

5th semester:

Social Psychology



6th semester:

Practice with Répétiteur

Voice Production Techniques

Diploma Choir

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