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Film and Media (with Foundation) (BA) - ARU (Cambridge)
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Film and Media (with Foundation) (BA) - ARU (Cambridge)

Anglia Ruskin University (Cambridge)
On campus
 2554 Πόντοι
4 Έτη

Περιγραφή Προγράμματος

Students of the Bachelor in Film and Media (BA) program will learn the language of film from the perspective of a film-maker, and use this to inform their own short films. They will also explore current issues around our data-driven society through modules in digital media theory and law, culture and technology and use this knowledge in the production of apps, podcasts or online platforms.

During the Bachelor in Film and Media (BA) course, students will also have the opportunity to carry out a work placement, or produce a commissioned product, in the area of their choice as they prepare for a career in film and media-related roles, including production, post-production, digital content creation and journalism.

• Tuition fees for students who have citizens' rights after Brexit: £9,250/year

Προϋποθέσεις Εισαγωγής

Καλύπτεις τα κριτήρια;

Κάνε εγγραφή, διάβασε τις προϋποθέσεις εισαγωγής και δες τη συμβατότητά σου.

Κορμός Μαθημάτων

Foundation Year

Foundation in Humanities, English, Media, Social Sciences and Education

Έτος 2

Film Language and Concepts

Creative Moving Image

Sound, Text, Image

Theorising Popular Culture

Optional modules:

Introduction to Television Studies

Introduction to Filmmaking: Super 8mm

Έτος 3

Theorising Spectatorship

Classical Hollywood Cinema

Teenage Kicks: Youth Culture and Media

Online Journalism

Ruskin Module

Optional modules:

Documentary Film Theory

Television Genre

Digital Media Theory: Social Media, AI, and the Cultures of the Internet


Non-Fiction Filmmaking

Creative Media Practice Process

Creative Media Practice Themes

16mm Filmmaking

Independent Cinema: US and Beyond

Cinema and Sound

Έτος 4

Major Project

Major Project in Creative Media Practice

Sound and Vision: Music and Media

Gender and Popular Cinema

Optional modules:

Special Topics in Film Studies

'Fake News', Media Law and Social Conflict

Cultural Politics of Celebrity

Contemporary Television

Experiments in Film and Moving Image

Narrative in Global Cinema

Digital Publishing

Avant-Garde Cinema

Anglia Language Programme

Επαγγελματικές Προοπτικές

Our BA (Hons) Film and Media will help you prepare for many film and media-related roles, including:

  • film and television production and post-production
  • film journalism
  • cinema and film festival management
  • film programming and curation
  • publishing
  • broadcasting
  • web design
  • public relations

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