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Marine Engineering and Management
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Marine Engineering and Management

Frederick University
Nicosia, Cyprus
1 Year, 6 Months

Program Description

This MSc Programme is unique in Cyprus and one of the few of its type globally. The degree combines marine engineering and management and provides you with the necessary skill set to work in executive posts in the modern maritime and industrial world. It is a major step towards the provision of an integrated approach to engineering and management education. More specifically, the core curriculum covers major marine engineering and management subjects and offers options for specialised shipping and commercial knowledge.

You may also combine this MSc study with the acquisition of the professional international licence of the “Engineer Officer of the Watch" (EOOW) thereby acquiring valuable professional marine qualifications and experience. This attainment is highly regarded by shipping companies.

Entry Requirements

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Bachelor's Degree
Degree from State Technical Institute
English Level
TOEFL (internet based)
Cambridge Proficiency (CPE)

Information about qualifications:

  • A good undergraduate degree from a recognized university or an equivalent international qualification or an acceptable professional qualification.

Candidates’ specific minimum academic requirements for admittance to the program are:

  • Undergraduate degree in Mechanical or Naval or Electrical Engineering from any recognised University (or appropriate equivalent)

Other English qualifications:

  • High school leaving certificate from a High School where the language of instruction is English
  • Α pass (50%) at the English Placement Test of our University


  • Personal interviews are not normally required as part of the admission process; however, Frederick University reserves the right to request an interview before making a final decision on accepting an applicant.

More information:

  • There may be an additional application fee by this University.

Learning Outcomes

The programme develops your skills and knowledge to enable you to:

  • Comprehend the operation and functions of marine engineering systems.
  • Assess and solve operational marine engineering problems in practice.
  • Design, analyse and select marine propulsion, auxiliary and transmission systems.
  • Design, select and analyse control systems for marine machinery.
  • Apply mathematical and computer modelling of marine machinery and engineering systems.
  • Use mathematics and physics appropriate for the analysis of marine technology systems.
  • Test design ideas using laboratory work or simulation with technical analysis and critically evaluate results.
  • Integrate information from various sources concerning aspects of marine engineering and management.
  • Apply business skills required in management roles within the maritime and associated industries.


Core Modules

Maritime Safety And Regulatory Framework

Ship Machinery And Systems

Ship Electrical Systems And Components

Ship Performance At Sea

Marine Systems Monitoring, Automation And Control

Commercial Management Of Ships

Research Skills For Msc Thesis Preparation And Proposal

Optional Modules

International Maritime Law And Carriage Of Goods

Logistics And Supply Chain Management

Ship Management

Thesis Modules

MSc Thesis


Graduates of the MSc in Marine Engineering & Management will have a plethora of career options within the:

  • ship owning and ship management sectors
  • marine engineering firms
  • offshore oil and gas installations
  • shipbuilding and repair
  • port operation
  • marine consultancy
  • survey agencies
  • insurance and shipbroking

They are also highly favoured for employment in other career paths, amongst many these include the:

  • manufacturing and industrial sectors
  • energy
  • construction
  • mining
  • logistics
  • hospitals
  • hotels and many others

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