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Health Education and Health Promotion
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Health Education and Health Promotion

Frederick University
Nicosia, Cyprus
 840 Points
1 Year, 6 Months

Program Description

The program is addressed to professionals of various specialities and aims to equip them with the knowledge, skills, attitudes and expertise needed to enable them to successfully develop and implement innovative educational programmes in health education and health promotion in educational and health settings and the community.

The programme will provide opportunities for thorough examination of theoretical, practical and educational issues related to health and will develop professionals that are competent in applying health education and health promotion activities and programmes and strategies in formal and non-formal educational settings. Students will be equipped with advanced research skills and research in the fields of health education and health promotion will be promoted.

Entry Requirements

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Bachelor's Degree
Degree from State Technical Institute
English Level
TOEFL (internet based)

Information about qualifications:

  • Bachelor Degree from an accredited University either in education, in health, in humanities or social sciences.

Additional criteria for the selection of the students will be:

  • Bachelor GPA, professional experience, participation in educational and health activities and programs and research interests.

More information:

  • There may be an additional application fee by this University.


Core Modules

Principles Of Health Education And Health Promotion

Social And Ethical Issues In Health Education And Health Promotion

Research Methods And Statistics In Health Education And Health Promotion

Optional Modules

Psychology Of Health

Gender And Health

Experiential Approaches To Health Education

The Promotion Of Mental Health

Human Sexuality Sex Education – Healthy Relationships

Health Education And Health Promotion Through The Arts


Alternative Methods Of Medicine

Health-Related Fitness & Physical Activity

The Use Of Technology In Health Education And Health Promotion


The Master in Health Education and Health Promotion is designed for Educators from all levels of formal education:

  • pre-school
  • primary education
  • secondary education
  • technical professional education)
  • Health professionals (doctors, nurses, health visitors, psychologists)
  • social workers
  • other professionals employed in the areas of health education and health promotion in public or private organisations
  • local authorities
  • NGOs

Graduates of the Programme can be employed in all levels of:

  • public or private schools
  • hospitals
  • health centres
  • NGO’S
  • local authorities
  • the community (i.e: youth centres)

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