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Arts, Design & Architecture
Master in Fine Art: Contemporary Art Practices - Frederick
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Master in Fine Art: Contemporary Art Practices - Frederick

Frederick University
On campus
 840 Points
1 Year, 6 Months

Program Description

The Master in Fine Art: Contemporary Art Practices (MA) encourages students to challenge and explore conventional boundaries of various art and design disciplines, borrowing and experimenting creatively. Interdisciplinary methodologies are investigated and applied aiming at the advancement and development of new and novel art and design discourses.

The Master in Fine Art: Contemporary Art Practices (MA) encourages and respects critical theory as well as a depth understanding of the material and the practice of making. Furthermore, it offers a close relationship with the creative and professional industries and provides opportunities for collaboration on real-life local and international projects.

Emphasis is placed upon pushing forward critical discourses in a challenging and provocative way, indicating relations to key discourses within the contemporary arena, as well as building upon a personal visual language that is both informed of current trends and innovations. The Master in Fine Art: Contemporary Art Practices (MA) aspires to bring together students from diverse backgrounds that will have the opportunity to interact and develop the skills necessary to envision a rapidly growing interdisciplinary culture.

Committing to a balanced input of theory and practice, the Master in Fine Art: Contemporary Art Practices (MA) fosters professional initiative, self-motivation and ambition, a desire for positive social change, cultural responsibility, and environmental ethics as well as imaginative, out-of-the-box creativity.

Tailored to the individual needs and skills of the students, the Master in Fine Art: Contemporary Art Practices (MA) gives them the opportunity to develop creatively, find new experimental applications of their ideas and meet their individual aspirations. Through a series of self-initiated projects and personal tutorials, the students are enabled to develop their creative identity and individuality. In doing so students are encouraged in bringing into context their real-life experiences, skills, and practice.

Conceptual and theoretical issues will be relatively brought up, studied, and tackled through courses in Visual and Critical Thinking and Contextual Studies. These courses are primarily engaged with the systematic study of core notions, concepts, and disputes of and around critical theory, philosophy, art and design history, aesthetics, and relative studies.

Furthermore, research will be promoted by means of encouraging the development of collaboration between the university and other academic and social partners on a local, regional (Mediterranean), and international level. The establishment of such networks is critical in acquiring experience and achieving effective exploitation of research results, resulting in good practice examples and innovation.

In order to build a strong art and design research culture with proficient methodological skills the Master in Fine Art: Contemporary Art Practices (MA) offers the course Research Methods that will introduce and provide students with all necessary and relevant competencies and tools in order to encourage and engage them in such a culture.

Entry Requirements

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Learning Outcomes

Students after graduation from the Master in Fine Art: Contemporary Art Practices (MA) will be able to:

  • Assimilate the philosophy and values which condition interdisciplinary design and to understand the processes and factors that lead to its development.
  • Analyze and discuss the contemporary global, regional and local design issues and exhibit critical and creative thinking about their impact on aesthetic and cultural activities.
  • Indicate and carry an in-depth practice-based research that reflects on advanced critical theory and original and creative visual language.
  • Demonstrate skills and experiences necessary to involve in practising design within the areas of two dimensional and three-dimensional space, form/ function and formation, screen and print/moving and static platforms, traditional and experimental techniques, design materiality and immateriality.
  • Apply the methodologies, discourses and analysis needed to enforce interdisciplinary art and design applications, thus achieving high level of execution and finishing.
  • Utilize effectively state-of-the-art software tools embracing the impact of technology and new media in the area of contemporary art and interdisciplinary design.
  • Promote the development of practices which facilitate sustainability, social and cultural perspectives.
  • Manage information about the main local and international market opportunities and channel directly their professional practices in unique and innovative channels.
  • Apply the necessary knowledge so that they can become chartered in the professional arena and association.
  • Demonstrate the ability for using research results in education, within their professional environments and in society.
  • Master skills and experiences that reflect on appropriate subjects and themes of the wider area of interest, in ways that challenge conventional boundaries and re-approach in unpredictable ways, traditional methods and mediums.
  • Develop and execute a self-initiated project that makes an original contribution to the field.


Year 1

Semester 1

Research Methods

Visual And Critical Studies

Studio Practice I

Semester 2

Studio Practice II Contextual Studies Elective Course

Year 2

Semester 3

Masters Dissertation

Jobs - Careers

  • Creative Coordinators
  • Cultural Producers
  • Design Managers
  • Art Directors in Graphic Design agencies
  • Interior Architecture
  • Art and Design

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