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American Studies and History (with a Year Abroad)
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American Studies and History (with a Year Abroad)

Swansea University
Swansea, Ουαλία
 2788 Πόντοι
4 Έτη

Περιγραφή Προγράμματος

Studying American Studies and History gives you the chance to explore the culture, history and politics of the most influential country in the world, alongside many aspects of British, European and world history. Students on this course typically develop excellent oral and writing skills and you will learn to present your ideas in a range of formats, along with strong research, analytical and problem-solving skills. You will spend the third year studying in an American university, further improving your student experience and career prospects.

• Fees for full time Undergraduate EU/International students will increase by 3% for each subsequent year of study.
• For a Year Abroad you will be charged 15% of the agreed standard fee.

Προϋποθέσεις Εισαγωγής

Σου ταιριάζει αυτό το πρόγραμμα;
Το τεστ συμβατότητας θα στο αποκαλύψει σε αριθμούς!
Απολυτήριο Γενικού Λυκείου ή αντίστοιχο
IB Diploma
Επίπεδο Αγγλικών
Cambridge Proficiency (CPE)
Cambridge Advanced (CAE)
International Baccalaureate
A levels
TOEFL (internet based)
Pearson Test of Academic Engl.

Alternative Entry Qualifications:

  • A level (or equivalent) typical offer: BBB

Alternative English Language Qualifications:

  • Swansea ELTS test (SWELT): 6.0
  • INTO English Language Assessment: 169
  • CaMLA - Certificate of Proficiency in English (ECPE): 650
  • Euroexam @ C1 academic level: Pass

Important Information:

  • For students who fall short of only the English language requirement we offer a range of pre-sessional training programmes that you may take before starting your degree programme.

Κορμός Μαθημάτων

1ο Έτος

Compulsory Modules:

The American Experience 1492-2000 - 20

American Politics and Society - 20

Introduction to American Literature and Culture - 20

Making History - 20

History - Compulsory Modules Selective:

Medieval Europe: an introduction - 20

Early Modern World, 1500-1800 - 20

Europe of Extremes: 1789 - 1989 - 20

Modern British History - 20

2ο Έτος

Compulsory Module:

The Practice of History - 20

History - Optional Module Choices:

Hawliau Iaith yn y Cyd-destun Rhyngwladol - 20

Gendering the Middle Ages: Power and Exclusion - 20

Rhyfel Cartref America - 20

The Crusades and the Making of Latin Christendom, 1050-1300 - 20

Europe 1500-1650: Renaissance, Reformation and Religious War - 20

War and Society in the Anglo-Norman World - 20

The Welsh Century: Politics, Nationality and Religion, 1847-1947 - 20

British Atlantic World c.1550-1760 - 20

The Cold War - 20

Deformity, Deviance and Difference: Exploring Disability History - 20

Conflict & Memory: Europe in the Twentieth Century - 20

Anglo-Saxon and Viking-Age England - 20

Whose Past Is It Anyway? Exploring the Heritage Industry - 20

Revolutionary America, 1760 - 1791 - 20

History Work Placement - 20

Rebuilding Western Europe: Cultures and Societies, 1945-1975 - 20

Genocide - 20

Contemporary Wars and Conflicts - 20

The First World War - 20

American Studies - Optional Module Choices:

Race and Ethnicity: American Perspectives - 20

American Word/American Image - 20

The Making of Transatlantic America - 20

Re-Thinking the South: Southern Culture and History, 1865-1955 - 20

America in Crisis: Political Culture and Society from the Tet Offensive to Trump - 20

New York City: History and Culture since 1945 - 20

Global Political Economy: From Mercantilism to Neoliberalism - 20

Globalisation - 20

Moralities of War and Peace - 20

The History of Political Thought - 20

Genocide - 20

British Politics and Public Policy - 20

Contemporary Wars and Conflicts - 20

The First World War - 20

3ο Έτος - Abroad

Year Abroad (History) - 120

4ο Έτος

Optional Modules: History Dissertation Pathway

History Dissertation - 40

History Optional Modules:

Monarchy: Ancient and Medieval

Cyfraith Hywel - 20

Concro'r Byd: Twf a Chwymp Ymerodraethau Prydain a Ffrainc - 20

A History of Violence - 20

Observing Britain: Everyday Life in the Mid 20th Century - 20

Infections in Global History, 1500-2000 - 20

The Placing of History: Digitally mapping the Historic Past - 20

Changed Utterly? The Irish Revolution, 1912-23 - 20

Histories of Empire - 20

A History of Sex and Gender - 20

The Story of America on Film and Television, 1865 – 2008 - 20

Stori yr Unol Daleithiau ar Ffilm a Theledu, 1865-2008 - 20

From Machiavelli to Mussolini: Government and society in Western political thought - 20

Gunfighter Nation: the West in History, Mythology and Fiction - 20

The Russian Civil War - 20

Επαγγελματικές Προοπτικές

Students on this course typically develop excellent oral and writing skills and you will learn to present your ideas in a range of formats, along with strong research, analytical and problem-solving skills.

Our graduates enter careers in a wide range of sectors including:

  • Education
  • Marketing
  • Government
  • Research
  • Events Management

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