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Charles Sturt University (Dubbo)
Charles Sturt University (Dubbo) | Brive
Ιδρύθηκε το 1992

Charles Sturt University (Dubbo)

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Dubbo is the industrial and commercial hub of the Central West region of New South Wales. Dubbo is perhaps best known for its famous Western Plains Zoo, but it also has beautiful scenery, great wineries and heritage villages, and a plethora of recreational and sporting facilities. Charles Sturt University's Dubbo Campus is only minutes from the city center and offers a small and welcoming learning environment. The Explorer's Café on campus is a great place to socialize and relax, and there is also a gymnasium and other sporting facilities on campus if you want to do something more active in your spare time.

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Tennis courts, golf courses, the Dubbo Aquatic Leisure Centre, gymnasiums, ten pin bowling, a skate park, an indoor sporting complex, and an indoor basketball stadium are all available.
Dubbo is a thriving inland city in Australia. Dubbo, the industrial and commercial heart of New South Wales' central west, has spectacular scenery, wineries, heritage villages, and much more.
Students have access to a wide range of learning resources and services, including the Library, Academic Skills, and Student Support, via a variety of channels.

Charles Sturt University (Dubbo) Φόρμα Επικοινωνίας

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