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The European University of Rome
Rome, Italy
768 Points
5 Years
English, Italian
Apply date
Jun 2021
Start date
Sep 2021

Program Description

The course forms a legal professional: a) with a solid knowledge of the regulatory system, in the complexity of its national and supranational components; b) provided with the interpretative and argumentative abilities necessary for the solution of legal problems, even unpublished and complex; c) able to move with ease even in different legal contexts and in constant transformation and in the virtual spaces opened by new technologies.

Entry Requirements

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High School Diploma (or equivalent)
English Level
Required Documents
Certified Copy of the English Certification
ID Certified Copy
Passport Certified Copy
Certified Copy of the High School Diploma (Apolytirion from General Lyceum)
  • Admission test
  • To participate you will need to bring:
  1. the application form, filled in online, printed and signed. Remember your username and password, you will need them upon registration.
  2. the admission questionnaire, printed and fillen in with a pen. It is a very important document, to be completed with the utmost attention in each of its parts.
  3. photocopy of tax code.
  4. three recent passport photos.
  • If you are enrolled in another university, send by email the following documents:
  1. list of exams, with its CFU and SSD, issued by your university of origin.
  2. programmes of each taken exam.
  • Validation of your secondary school leaving qualification giving access to the Bachelor’s Degree by CIMEA National Agency by using its Diplome portal.
  • B2 CEFR Italian language certificate. Alternatively, the student can take a B2 CEFR Italian language test delivered online by UER.
  • Only for students who have not provided a B2 CEFR Italian language certificate: passing a B2 CEFR Italian language test delivered online by UER.

In case you have different qualifications from those mentioned above, please contact us, as there may be alternative admission requirements.


Year 1

Fondamenti romanistici del diritto europeo
Filosofia del diritto
Istituzioni di diritto privato
Istituzioni di diritto pubblico
Sistemi giuridici comparati
Lingua straniera (Inglese)

Year 2

Storia della giurisprudenza europea
Diritto costituzionale
Diritto dell’Unione Europea
Diritto internazionale
Diritto dell’impresa e della concorrenza
Diritto, persona e società
Attività di responsabilità sociale
Lingua straniera (Inglese)

Year 3

Diritto di famiglia e delle successioni
Diritto ecclesiastico e diritto canonico
Diritto e bioetica
Diritto penale
Diritto commerciale
Diritto del lavoro e della previdenza sociale
Lingua straniera (Inglese)
A scelta dello studente

Year 4

Diritto civile
Diritto romano
Diritto amministrativo
Diritto processuale civile
Diritto e civiltà cristiana
Lingua straniera (Inglese)
A scelta dello studente

Year 5

Deontologia delle professioni giuridiche
Diritto tributario
Diritto amministrativo processuale
Diritto processuale penale
Stages e tirocini di orientamento professionale
A scelta dello studente
Prova finale


The course offers the necessary skills to address the selective procedures for access to:

  • Traditional legal professions (magistracy, lawyers and notaries)
  • Managerial positions in public administrations, national and European, and in private companies

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