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Humanities & Education
Bachelor in Primary Education (BEd) - Frederick University
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Bachelor in Primary Education (BEd) - Frederick University

Frederick University
Nicosia, Cyprus
On campus
 840 Points
4 Years

Program Description

The Bachelor in Primary Education (BEd) focuses on essential academic, pedagogical, and methodological background, as well as developing desirable skills and attitudes to practice the profession of educator in a continuously changing and evolving world.

The Bachelor in Primary Education (BEd) constitutes a balance between academic and practical directions. It prepares its graduates for direct employment as educators in Primary education and lays the foundation for graduate studies in the field of Education.

Entry Requirements

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Learning Outcomes

  • Understand and apply the basic principles and practices of pedagogical science.
  • Be able to design and implement the appropriate learning environments in order to promote effective learning for all pupils.
  • Be able to apply differentiation in designing and delivering lessons according to pupils academic level, learning needs and interests.
  • Design and apply the appropriate formal and informal evaluation procedures and use evaluation results in lesson planning.
  • Understand and be able to use multiple methods and modes of instruction in order to improve students written and oral proficiency and enhance students problem solving capacities.
  • Be able to continually self-evaluate their decisions about learning, instruction and evaluation and continually be on the lookout for professional development opportunities.
  • Internalize feelings of moral obligation towards pupils and society with regard to providing quality learning opportunities in schools.
  • Be able to cultivate and sustain productive relationships with colleagues and community members in order to better support everyday learning and instruction.
  • Appreciate and respect differentiation and multiculturalism in society and education.
  • Be able to effectively incorporate technology in designing effective learning experiences for pupils.


Year 1

Semester 1

English I

Issues Of Sustainable Development

Modern Greek Language I

Introduction To The Science Of Pedagogy

School Experience I

General Elective

Semester 2

Art I In Primary Education

English II

Modern Greek Language II

Basic Mathematical Concepts In Primary Education I

Physical Education I In Primary School

Basic Concepts To Science Education

Year 2

Semester 3

Greek As A 2nd/Foreign Language In Primary Education

Literary Analysis

Basic Mathematical Concepts In Primary Education II

Developmental Psychology

School Effectiveness And Effective Teaching

Free Elective

Semester 4

Education For The Environment And Sustainable Development In Primary Education

Health Education In Primary Schools

School Experience II

Educational Technology

General Elective

Free Elective

Year 3

Semester 5

Art II - Teaching Art In Primary Education

Teaching Greek Language In Primary Education

Robotics And Programming In Education

Teaching Of Natural Sciences In Primary Education

School Experience III

Semester 6

Teaching Mathematics In Primary School

Teaching Of Music In Primary Education

Physical Education Ii - Teaching Of Physical Education In Primary Education

Research Methods In Education And Statistics

Teaching Children’s Literature In Primary Education

Year 4

Semester 7

Educational Administration And Leadership In Primary Education

Intercultural Education

Museum Education In Primary Schools

Pedagogical Psychology

Education Elective

Semester 8

Educational Evaluation In Primary Education

Learning Difficulties In Primary Education

School Experience IV

Education Elective


  • The graduates of the program possess all the necessary knowledge and skills required for the design and delivery of effective instruction to different student profiles.
  • The graduates also fulfill all necessary governmental requirements for employment in public primary education schools.
  • The graduates of the Bachelor in Primary Education (BEd) can also be employed as educators in private primary schools.

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